Rethinking Policies for Music Education in a Post-Pandemic World

28-30 October 2020

Summary and Resources

Summary_2020 MEP Group Symposium.pdf

The Corona Spring & Summer 2020 in the Music Field

Music Council of Finland, Report, 2020

2030 Vision for Finnish Music Education

Annika Mylläri, presentation, 2020

Performing Arts Aerosol Study, Preliminary Results 3

National Federation of State High School Associations (US) & International Coalition, video, 2020

Can Do Music

Music Mark, UK, Campaign & Website, 2020

Appeal for the reactivation of music in schools

National Association for Music Education, Italy, 2020 (in Italian)

Creativity and Music in Complete Safety

National Association for Music Education, ANP, Italy, 2020 (in Italian)

We Make Music Online

Music Education Partnership Group, Scotland, Report, 2020

Guidance from the COVID-19 sub-group advice on Music

Education Scotland, 2020