Strategic Learning Talk, 06 May 2021

Reflections on training school music teachers for a post-pandemic world

This talk provides an opportunity to reflect on Portugal's and England's approach to the initial training and continuing professional development of school music teachers in a post-pandemic world by exploring such questions as:

  • What music teacher profiles do we want?

  • What is the current situation in terms of providing musical training for non-music classroom teachers?

  • What is already happening and what should be happening in the future?

  • Are things likely to change after the pandemic?

  • What tools, resources and ideas can we share across borders?


Fiona Pendreigh

Chair, Music Education Council, England

(notes from her talk here)

Manuela Encarnação

President, Portuguese Association for Music Education

Maria Helena Vieira

Music education professor at the Institute of Education of Minho University, Portugal

(background info for her talk here)