Music Education Policy Group

Advancing global dialogue on music education policies!

The MEP Group works to:

  • reinforce the role of music in educational and cultural policy

  • discuss the problems of music in schools internationally

  • reflect on the role of the State and the role of society in this field

  • create an international pressure group – a network with a strategy for and foundation in music education policies

Chaired by the Arts Council England, the MEP Group builds knowledge and connects leading music education policy organizations from different regions and countries committed to advancing their field through global policy dialogue.

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Strategic Learning Talks & Symposium 2020

Sessions of e-symposium on "Rethinking Policies for Music Education in a Post-Pandemic World"

October 28th

Sustaining the Music Education Workforce

October 29th

Fostering Music in Schools

October 30th

Ensuring Equality of Access to an Active Music Life