Global Compact

on Music Education


In 2020, the MEP Group began setting up an international Expert Group which was tasked with drafting a statement on universally shared, applicable and proven principles of music education. Starting with the assumption that music is a universal part of being human, this agreement takes the form of a global compact comprising 6 principles. In consultation with MEP Group Members and the wider field, the group of over 40 experts from all over the world led the development of the Global Compact as a values-based reference tool for advancing music education globally.

Background docs

Summary of first expert meeting, May, 2020.

This process was, among other things, informed by the 2020 MEP Group Annual Symposium on Rethinking Policies for Music Education in a Post-Pandemic World, which came up with a list of recommendations which you can find here.


MEP Group member organizations and invited organizations can sign up to the Global Compact on Music Education. This process will open in the course of 2022. Signatories commit to implementing the 6 principles and to reporting annually on best practices. Reports will be gathered in an annual Global Compact Report, which will replace the MEP Group's Annual Background Report. MEPLabs, Strategic Learning Talks, special campaigns, partner profiles and the MEP Group's Annual Meeting will further serve to foster knowledge-sharing around the implementation of the Global Compact.

This annual process will provide:

  • practicable, inspiring best practices and general data to inform policy discussions and processes and to support advocacy activities

  • reliable, up-to-date information and insights into music education ecosystems in various countries

  • contacts for further sharing and learning

  • a shared sense of purpose among all signatories