MEP Group organises activities to bring together members as well as invited specialists from research and practice, covering the music and arts education fields as well as the area of educational and cultural policies. Events include annual symposia, workshops and online strategic learning talks. MEP Group members showcase their work, propose topics and initiate discussions on critical and timely issues.

Symposium 2020

28-30 October | E-Symposium

Rethinking Policies for Music Education in a Post-Pandemic World

Strategic Learning Talks 2020

Symposium 2019

The MEP Group held its inaugural symposium on "Policies for Unlocking Potential: Music & Creativity in Education" on 14-15 October 2019 in London, United Kingdom.

The symposium was hosted by the Arts Council England, one of the chairing organizations of the MEP Group. It was open for MEP Group member organizations and invited experts; it brought together policy-makers, practitioners and academics to share insights and culturally diverse perspectives with a particular focus on the link between music education policy and creativity within and beyond the public education system.

Symposium documentation

Presentations & Documentation

Info materials provided by participants:

Send, Inspire - Great Music for Every Child in UK Special Schools, Live Music Now

Projects Guri from Brazil and Arte para Crecer from Peru (video) and website of Teca Alencar de Brito

The Durham Commission on Creativity and Education, Final Report, 2019

Scotland’s Creative Learning Plan (2013) and related: ‘Creativity is the skill of the future

A note of concern: The future of instrumental music tuition in schools Report. (Jan 2019), The Education and Skills Committee of the Scottish Parliament

Fostering Students' Creativity and Critical Thinking - What it Means in School, (book), OECD, 2019

ArtsEqual Research Initiative, Finland, Results


Shaping the Next 10 Years: Creative People, Cultural Communities and a Creative and Cultural Country; presentation by Hannah Fouracre, Arts Council England

Current Music Education Policies and Creativity: The FLADEM Perspective; presentation by Adriana Rodrigues Didier, Latin American Forum for Music Education (FLADEM)

The Embedded Artist: Challenges Higher Education Music Institutions Have to Face Against the Background of a Changing Job Market; presentation by Stefan Gies, Association of European Conservatoires

The OECD-CERI Project on Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills in Education; presentation by Carlos Gonzalez-Sancho, OECD

The Dilemma of International Regional Collaboration in a Global Artistic Scene, presented by Eline Wernberg Sigfusson, Nordic Culture Fund

A Norwegian Perspective on Teacher Education, presented by Jonas C. Romme, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

The Portuguese Association of Music Education and the Cantar Mais Project: Building Teacher Capacities, presented by Manuela Encarnacao, APEM

Music Education in Scotland, presented by Morag MacDonald, Creative Scotland

Strategic Learning Talks 2019

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MEP Sept 19.pdf

11 March 2019 | 12:30 CET

Finland's ARTSEQUAL Research Initiative:

The New Policy Brief "Schools as the largest cultural centers"

The ARTSEQUAL research initiative, coordinated by the University of the Arts Helsinki, examines the arts as public service, with equality as the starting point, and explores how the arts can meet the social challenges of the 2020s. More...

11 July 2019 | 10am CEST

Policies for Building Teacher Capacity in Music Education - Country Comparisons

11 April 2019 | 9am CET

Virtual MEP Group Reception (I)

Getting to know the MEP Group member organizations: introductions, ideas & suggestions for future action!

10 May 2019 | 9am CET

Virtual MEP Group Reception (II)

Getting to know the MEP Group member organizations: introductions, updates and discussion of MEP Group 2019 Annual Background Report!