Thursday Talks

The Thursday Talks (previously strategic learning talks) are virtual events where MEP Group members showcase their work, propose topics and hold discussions on critical and timely issues.

Thursday Talks 2023

12 Jan 2023 | 10:15am CET | online

"What is Inherited, What is Education? Music and the Genes - A Complicated Relationship"

Presentation by Prof. Dr. Eckart Altenmüller, Professor and head of the Department of Music-Physiology and Musician’s Medicine at the University for Music and Theater in Hannover, Germany

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23 March 2023

News from the Field: Exploring Partnerships and Collaborations

25 May 2023

Approaches to Advocacy and Networking: Best Practice Exchange Among MEP Group Members

Thursday Talks 2022

24 March 2022

Help for Ukrainian Refugee Musicians | More...

05 May 2022

MEPLab 1:Global Compact on Music Education: From Text to Active Process (Americas, Europe)

12 May 2022

MEPLab 2: Global Compact on Music Education: From Text to Active Process (Asia, Europe)

23 June 2022

Strategic Learning Talk: Music Teacher Education

Strategic Learning Talks 2021

Finland's new 2030 Vision for Music Education: Three main themes and 25 action proposals

February 25th 2021 @ 3pm CET

Presented by Annika Mylläri

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Reflections on training school music teachers for a post-pandemic world

May 6th 2021 @ 3pm CEST

This talk explored perspectives from Portugal and England on such questions as:

  • What music teacher profiles do we want?

  • What is the current situation in terms of providing musical training for non-music classroom teachers?

  • What is already happening and what should be happening in the future?

  • Are things likely to change after the pandemic?

  • What tools, resources and ideas can we share across borders?


Fiona Pendreigh, Chair, Music Education Council, England

See Fiona's presentation

Helena Vieira, Institute of Education, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal

See Helena's presentation

Culture Wars in Music Education: Policy Approaches to Diversity

20th May 2021 @ 10:00am - 11:30am CEST

The pandemic has created a sense of unprecedented opportunity to reimagine what music education is supposed to be. This could potentially lead to a wider shift towards more culturally responsive and culturally diverse policies in music education.

How can we use what we’ve learned from how music education was delivered during the pandemic to reframe some of the central arguments traditionally made for this shift vis-à-vis policy-makers on the less liberal sides of the “culture wars”?


Graham Welch, Chair, Institute of Education, University of London


Huib Schippers, Professor of music research and former director of Folkways Records at the Smithsonian Institution

Alexis Kallio, Specialist in the politics of music education, Griffith University, Australia

Anna Näkkäläjärvi-Länsman, Sámi musician, Finland

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Strategic Learning Talks 2020

Sessions of e-symposium on "Rethinking Policies for Music Education in a Post-Pandemic World"

October 28th

Sustaining the Music Education Workforce

October 29th

Fostering Music in Schools

October 30th

Ensuring Equality of Access to an Active Music Life

July 16th

Towards a Global Value Statement on Music Education: Discussion on the MEP Group's Global Compact

Group discussion, moderator: Dr. Erica Eyrich

May 28th

Funding Music Education During and After the Pandemic

Morag MacDonald, Creative Scotland, Hannah Fouracre, Arts Council England

April 29th

New National Studies on the State of Music Education: Canada & Germany

Dr. Ute Welscher (Bertelsmann Stiftung, Germany) and Dr. Eric Favaro (Canada Coalition for Music Education) will present their findings and talk about the challenges of conducting a nation-wide study in a country where educational policies are made at the local/regional level.

April 22nd

Music Education Policies in Latin America - Quo Vadis?

Talk by Prof. Adriana Didier (FLADEM) and Dr. Marcus Madeiros (President, Brazilian Association for Music Education) followed by Q&A

Strategic Learning Talks 2019

MEP Aug 19.pdf

11 March 2019 | 12:30 CET

Finland's ARTSEQUAL Research Initiative:

The New Policy Brief "Schools as the largest cultural centers"

The ARTSEQUAL research initiative, coordinated by the University of the Arts Helsinki, examines the arts as public service, with equality as the starting point, and explores how the arts can meet the social challenges of the 2020s. More...

11 July 2019 | 10am CEST

Policies for Building Teacher Capacity in Music Education - Country Comparisons

11 April 2019 | 9am CET

Virtual MEP Group Reception (I)

Getting to know the MEP Group member organizations: introductions, ideas & suggestions for future action!

10 May 2019 | 9am CET

Virtual MEP Group Reception (II)

Getting to know the MEP Group member organizations: introductions, updates and discussion of MEP Group 2019 Annual Background Report!