The chairing organization assists the MEP Group by providing advice and guidance and by making recommendations on the most advantageous options for its development; this includes advising on its role as facilitator in strengthening the field of music education policy internationally; as useful, international resource and meeting space for national decision-makers and advocates in the music education policy arena; and as a neutral platform for networking, dialogue and learning about the multifaceted systems, challenges and solutions in different countries as well as related issues in the broader music policy and arts education policy fields. Chairing organizations are national policy or advocacy organizations who have in-depth expertise in music education policy and bring different perspectives and approaches to bear on the MEP Group's development.

Arts Council England

"The Arts Council England is the national development agency for the arts, museums and libraries in England. Our remit for ‘the arts’ includes a wide range of visual and performing artforms, music, dance, theatre and literature. We have funding responsibilities for regional museums, and a development role across libraries and the wider museums sector. We are sponsored by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in order to make the arts, and the wider culture of museums and libraries, an integral part of everyday public life, accessible to all, and understood as essential to the national economy and to the health and happiness of society. We work closely with the Department for Education to manage a portfolio of programmes which aim to improve standards, reach and sustainability of music and cultural education in England, following the recommendations of the National Plan for Music Education and Cultural Education Plan."

From: ACE 10-Year Strategic Framework

Hannah Fouracre

Hannah is director of music education at Arts Council England. She has been working in education and engagement with the Arts Council since 2008, during which time she has led on major projects including the establishment of Bridge Organisations in the East of England, and the capital build of the Royal Opera House Production Workshop. She has also worked closely with the Department for Education and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to deliver the National Plans for Music Education and Cultural Education, and overseen the development of the national network of Music Education Hubs. As Director for Music Education, she is responsible for overseeing the strategy and investment in a range of music education programmes and organisations.